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Midwives are the most appropriate health care provider for women and normal birth

Forming relationships with women and their families and providing a continuity of care model enables trust, communication, respect, education, support and care.

About Us

We are a family friendly midwifery practice who provides care to women and their families on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas, including the Hinterland and NSW borders. We offer a large range of services, which include pregnancy education and care, labour and birth preparation and care and postnatal care for yourself and baby. Our practice believes it is important that every woman receives continuity of care.

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Why Choose Private Midwifery Care

A woman who receives care from her own midwife for pregnancy, birth and post birth is:
– More likely to have a normal birth
– More likely to have a more positive birth experience
– More likely to successfully breastfeed her baby
– Less likely to use pain relief
– Less likely to have a caesarean birth
– Less likely to have a pre-term baby
– Less likely for her baby to be admitted to special care
– Less likely to suffer post natal depression

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Empowering Women, Supporting Families

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