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bio_jenandjoJo Treweek and Jeni Drew welcome you to the wonderful world of essential oils!

We invite you to join them for a morning of learning and sharing, each Friday fortnight at the Ashmore clinic. At these free sessions, 10am – 12pm, you will learn how natural remedies and essential oils can contribute to a more deeply nurturing, self-empowered experience during your pregnancy, birth and family life. All are welcome (including babies and children) no matter where you are on your own personal journey!

Jo, mother of 3, is a former client of My Own Midwife GC. Jo will forever cherish the support and care she received from midwives Rosemary and Maria during the pregnancy and homebirth of her third child. She is a strong advocate of midwifery. Jo has found essential oils to support her natural and chemical-free approach to the care of her family and home. She continues to be impressed by the healing power of high quality plant essences and loves how her children have embraced them and know so much already at such a young age.

Jeni, also a mother of 3, runs the homebirth support group meetings on the Gold Coast for Homebirth Qld, having had 3 midwife-supported homebirths. Jeni is a qualified practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method of movement-based learning. Jeni has been using Young Living essential oils since 2012, using them on a daily basis for everything from children’s cuts and scrapes, to cold and flu prevention/treatment, chemical-free cleaning and emotional healing support for the whole family.

Jo and Jeni share a passion for connecting mums together, with the view that we can all benefit from each other’s wisdom, support and community.