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Beth Newey – Receptionist

“My name is Beth Newey, and I’m a receptionist here at My Own Midwife GC. I graduated from Saint Stephens College last year with my year 12 Certificate and a Certificate 3 in Hospitality. I have been living on the Gold Coast since 2008, when my family and I moved from the UK. I love it here on the sunny coast, but England will always be my home at heart.

When I finished school I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had planned on going to university, but then half way the year I changed my mind. The reason behind this is because I didn’t want to go and study for a course, when I knew that I wasn’t going to be interested in it for the long term. When I was offered the position here, I was thrilled. It was something new and different to what I have ever done or experienced before. I knew it was going to be challenging, but I felt like this is something I see myself in perusing in the future.

I am currently on a Traineeship here at My Own Midwife GC, with a Certificate 4 in Frontline Management and with a Diploma in Business in the working progress.”

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