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Maria Nixon

Maria Nixon


  • Bachelor of Nursing, Griffith University – 1996
  • Master of Midwifery, Griffith University – 2000
  • Graduate Certificate of Midwifery in Pharmacology and Diagnostics, Flinders University – 2013


“Since choosing to complete a Master in Midwifery in 2000 and caring for many women and their families on the Gold Coast in a Continuity Model of Care over the years, I can still truly say my excitement has never diminished when witnessing the profound joy each and every family experiences when they welcome their newborn baby into their lives. This excitement is attributed to my deep philosophy that care provided by a known midwife is an integral part of maternity care and should be accessible to all women, regardless of their risk.

I believe in providing care that is women-centred, promotes confidence, independence and empowers her to recognise her capabilities as she moves through her pregnancy, labour and birth and transitions into motherhood. A respectful, caring and trusting partnership between a woman and her midwife is special and everlasting but not dependent when I discharge women at 6 weeks post birth.

I provide a supportive and protective space in varying birthing environments (hospital, birthing centre and home) and believe this is necessary for women to have a safe birth supported by the right people surrounding her. Care is evidence based and unique to each woman’s birth situation and women are kept at the centre of all decision-making processes. My philosophy is embedded in my support for women’s choice to have a VBAC, Breech birth, Water-birth and her choice to utilise Hypno-birth and Calm-Birth techniques.

On a personal note, my husband and I share a close relationship with our son and daughter and our 5 gorgeous grandchildren who continuously keep us grounded as we share in the reality of their normal fun filled and happy family life.”

Talitha Herrick - Midwife

Talitha Herrick


  • Four Seasons Journey – The School of Shamanic Womancraft, 2019
  • Screening, Diagnostics, Pharmacology and Prescribing for Midwives – Griffith University, 2017
  • Graduate Diploma of Midwifery – Australian Catholic University, 2012
  • Transition to Practice Nurse Education Program The Newborn with Complex Health Needs – Mater Misericordiae Mothers Hospital, 2008
  • Bachelor of Health (Nursing) – Central Queensland University, 2000


“During my Nursing studies in 2000 I was fortunate enough to attend the homebirth of a friend. The moment her daughter was born I knew one day I would become a midwife. For 11 years I worked as Registered Nurse specialising in neonatal care with a strong focus on providing family centred care. My individualised approach supported the breast feeding and developmental considerations for each baby and its parents that I cared for. Working nationally at various hospitals and internationally, I settled back in Australia in 2010 and devoted myself to completing my midwifery studies. It has been within midwifery I have found my greatest passion and joy through providing woman centred care that empowers, informs and lovingly supports.

I have been fortunate to gain experience in all areas of midwifery within a tertiary hospital, at a rural Queensland Hospital and as a Group Practice Midwife caring for women of a refugee background. Working as a midwife has afforded me many collective, intricate journeys of being with women through the sacred rite of passage pregnancy, birth and parent hood brings. I am honoured to be the companion to women and their partners and offer myself as the facilitator for a safe, empowered and positive birth experience. It is in childbirth that not only a baby is born but that a woman is born into a mother and man into father.

Being a midwife is my calling in this life. I know this, as from the core of my being comes a strong passion for being with women as they deepen into their innate wisdom and their incredible ability of birthing and growing baby. My approach as midwife is wholistic in delivery of evidence based practice with consideration to the unique spiritual, physical and social aspects of each woman. I aim to empower each woman through sharing of information and creating a safe space to deepen and explore the many facets of being pregnancy, birth and parent hood bring.”

Empowering Women, Supporting Families

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