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Angela Lions

“After growing up in the country and spending lots of time doing Agriculture and working with livestock breeding during my school years, I fell in love with birth in its raw form and this love changed and evolved over a few years into a passion for holistic midwifery and a families journey to parenthood and beyond. After having my own children and experiencing my own very different birth journeys, this passion for midwifery was intensified and I was fortunate enough to be offered a place in the Griffith University Bachelor of Midwifery program under the care and mentoring of the dedicated and nurturing team at My Own Midwife GC. I believe in a families right to choose to birth wherever they choose with a known and trusted care provider and I advocate for all families right to birth choices and access to one-on-one continuity of care; the keys to the revolution of birth in Australia. Being a part of a families path to empowerment and their transformation into parents for the first time or tenth time is a humbling experience and one that transforms my own life, one birth journey at a time.

In the little spare time I have around family life, university and working I enjoy reading, sewing, alternative therapies including yoga, chiropractic and essential oils, early morning walks along the beach and have a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.”

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Alisa Caddey-Kirwood

“My midwifery journey started as a child when I was fortunate enough to birth my cat’s kittens. This experience sparked my passion and interest in being present when new life entered the world. I went on to have three children whose births were all very different. However, I was lucky enough to have a student midwife by my side throughout my last pregnancy and birth. This gave me my first introduction to continuity of care. I felt cared for in every aspect as my student provided holistic and women centred care. It was an incredibly empowering experience that gave me back control and allowed me to relax and enjoy my pregnancy and birth. This experience reminded me of the natural beauty of birth that I had experienced as a child with my cat, and therefore inspired me to become a midwife. As a student midwife I am focused on providing holistic woman centred care. Having the privilege of working with My Own Midwives will ensure that I am able to fulfil my midwifery philosophy.”


Empowering Women, Supporting Families

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