Victoria McLelland – Osteopath

Victoria McLelland Osteopath
Victoria McLelland operates a newborn, infant, child and pregnancy osteopathic clinic. She is situated within the rooms of My Own Midwife GC Ashmore clinic and is available Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.

Osteopathy is a gentle hands-on form of treating pains, discomfort and mechanical stressors on the body. Treating babies and children this way can help to settle irritated nervous systems and pains that have arisen, often from a traumatic birth.

The following is a list of common conditions or symptoms seen in clinic:

Abnormal shaped head or flat-spots
Wry neck, torticollis or only looks in the one direction
Latching difficulties
Post surgical tongue-tie / lip-tie
Constant crying or irritable beyond measure
Birthing traumas associated with ventouse, forceps, emergency caesarian, prolonged difficult labours, breech delivery, clavicle dislocations, injuries and bruising
hip problems
difficulty with trapped wind and signs of colic

The treatment is very gentle, there is no ‘cracking’ performed but rather a subtle movement to release strains and areas of compression in the body.

For further information please refer to the website:
or phone the clinic number on (07) 55 944525